Brush and Tender assist on Shellpile brush fire

Friday, March 29, 2013 14:37 Tender 1111 and Brush 1206 where dispatched to Berry Ave for an unknown type of fire.

Tender 1111 arrived on location to find a 25' x 75' area of brush on fire along the river bank extending into a small boat and storage shed.

Crews from Port Norris and Mauricetown Fire Companies along with the New Jersey Forrest Fire Service brought the fire under control at 15:15

Additional units on location: Engine 1103 and Tender 1202

NJFFS plane making a drop on the fire

NJFFS plane making a drop on the fire

Crews from Mauricetown and Port Norris Fire Companies extinguish the fire

Crews from Mauricetown and Port Norris
      Fire Companies extinguish the fire


Pump Operations Training

Monday, May 21, 2012 18:30 Members of Mauricetown, Port Norris and Laurel Lake fire companies gathered at the Mauricetown Fire Hall for Pump Operations.

Members were instructed on how to properly:

-Draft from a stand pipe.

-Draft from a portable tank.

-Operate as the supply pumper in Tender Task Force Operations. jet siphon during multiple portable tank operations.

The Officers and Members of all three companies would like to say a special Thank You to Cumberland County Fire Academy Instructors Ron Martinelli, Wayne Carter and Keith Mitchell for leading the class.

E1201 Operating at the Portable Tanks

E1201 Operating at the Portable Tanks

E1201 and T1202 Operating at the Portable Tanks

E1201 and T1202 Operating at the
      Portable Tanks


E1201 Handles LZ Assignment in Laurel Lake

Sunday, November 20, 2011 12:47 E1201 was dispatched to 1428 E Buckshutem Rd for an LZ assignment.

The crew from E1201 assisted Laurel Lake Fire/Rescue coordinate a Landing Zone for Air 2 in a field just north of Lallis.

E1201 and Air 2

E1201 and Air 2

E1201 and Air 2

E1201 and Air 2


Rescue 1221 and Engine 1201 respond to MVC in Port Norris

Saturday, June 18, 2011 08:22 E1103, R1221 and Squad 98 were dispatched to Yock Wock Road for a MVC.

Port Norris Deputy Chief Bill Rhubart [11-32] arrived on location to find one vehicle into a utility pole with light damage to the front of the vehicle.

E1103 performed a hazard assessment and secured the vehicle and utility pole.
R1221 and E1201 were assigned to direct traffic around the area while Squad 98 obtained a refusal.

The scene was then turned over to NJSP



Dwelling Fully Involved Upon Arrival

Sunday, November 29, 2009 04:24 Mauricetown [Station 12], Port Norris [Station 11], and Laurel Lake [Station 13] fire companies were dispatched to 971 Spring Garden Road for a dwelling fire.

The initial report from dispatch was a fire in the bedroom with audible smoke alarms sounding. 

Laurel Lake Chief John Reeves [13-31] arrived on location and reported that the dwelling was fully involved and all residents were out of the dwelling. Upon hearing the size up Mauricetown Chief Don Hundt Sr. [12-31] ordered a second alarm which brought in tenders from Dividing Creek [Station 18] and Leesburg [Station 26] fire companies, an Engine from Port Elizabeth Fire company [Station 27] as well as a FAST team from the Millville Fire Department [Station 30].

The crew from Port Norris Engine 1103 arrived on scene and led off with two 1 1/2" attack lines to the A side of the dwelling, one 2 1/2" blitz fire on the B side of the dwelling, and one 2 1/2" attack line to the C side of the dwelling. Tender 1202 arrived and laid a 5" supply line into 1103 while their crews started the initial attack with members from Port Norris.

Shortly after Tower 11 arrived on location and took an offensive position at the A/B corner of the structure while Chief Hundt ordered Engine 1201 to supply Tower 11's aerial device as they prepared to attack the fire.

Chief Hundt then ordered Engine 2701 to establish a fill site and requested additional Tenders from Heislerville [Station 25] and Downe Twp Fire Co. [Station 39] to assist with the water shuttle operations.

Millville Rescue Squad [Squad 98] and Laurel Lake EMS [Squad 13] were on scene to provide rehab to the firefighters.

The fire was placed under control at 06:14 and there were no reported injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation

Other agencies that assisted were Cumberland County Fire Coordinator, Fire Marshal, Fire Police, Commercial Township OEM, Atlantic City Electric, and Red Cross.




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